Travelling Piano 2019 – Foray into Viennese Classical Music

Incredible but true: the Travelling Piano tour is now nearing its tenth year. This was perhaps hard to foresee when it all began in 2011, inspired by a story from the musical history books: the 1846-7 tour that Franz Liszt made of what would later become Romania.

In 2019, the ninth annual tour is dedicated to Viennese classical music. A meditative, restful sojourn, featuring landmarks of the piano repertoire by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

Since 2011, Horia Mihail has visited dozens of towns around the country, accompanied by the traveling piano or playing local pianos. Traveling pianos have been donated to communities in Tulcea, Caracal, Deva, Alba Iulia and Roman, but their journey had been longer than that: they have passed through many towns that still need concert pianos, sometimes without stopping for more than an evening.

This year, Horia Mihail has chosen to make a foray into Viennese classical music, inviting us to listen to Haydn’s Sonata in B Minor (HOB. XVI), Mozart’s Sonata in D Major (KV 311), and Beethoven’s famous Sonata no. 23 in F Minor, “Appassionata”.

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