The Enchanted Flute – “Flute to the Power of Poetry”

Tour extraordinaire with flautist Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu and actors Alexandru Repan and Dorel Vişan

Between 6 June and 1 July 2019, flautist Bogdan Ştefănescu gave six recitals in six cities from Romania’s three historical provinces. The Enchanted Flute 2019 tour unfolded under the subheading “Flute to the Power of Poetry and was a spectacle of music and poetry in which the voices of peerless actors Alexandru Repan and Dorel Vişan intertwined with the golden sound of Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu’s flute. 

The Enchanted Flute tour is one of the highly diverse traveling musical projects that have developed over the last decades, and Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu is one of the most inventive of today’s Romanian musicians, an instrumentalist with a creative interest in turning his concerts into shows in the truest sense and in making them as attractive as possible to audiences. He has always wanted to obtain more from each tour than the previous one, and therefore, with those who have written the history of this tour alongside him, he has always sought stories that would give something more to both the audience and the performers concerned. 

The year 2019 was the moment to combine poetry and music via an encounter with Alexandru Repan and Dorel Vişan; it was an opportunity to combine the arts which for Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu are a way of life. The tour featured shows in Bîrlad, Piteşti, Bucharest, Tulcea, Turda, and Bistriţa.

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