Marin Cazacu and Violoncellissimo on their first Classical to the Power of Three national tour

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The Classical to the Power of Three – Violoncellissimo national tour set out to explore the world of the cello via a diverse and spectacular repertoire, ranging from the classical to the contemporary. The national tour took in six cities around the country—Tulcea, Piteşti, Alba Iulia, Arad, Bucharest, and Bistriţa—and featured cellist and professor Marin Cazacu and his disciples, Violoncellissimo for short, in a cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

In 2019, Classical to the Power of Three meant a family . . . a professional family. A family made up of musicians—pupils and students of maestro Cazacu—a family whose members are constantly changing, a family called VIOLONCELLISSIMO, which can bring to the musical stage from four to one hundred cellists. In this flexible and always surprising format, the extended Cazacu family has conquered concert halls in Romania and abroad, with notable recent appearances in Luxembourg, Brussels, and Washington D.C.

Marin Cazacu, the maestro and teacher of the other seven members of Violoncellissimo, founded the ensemble, which has a variable number of musicians, as an extension of the Cellissimo Quartet, with which he has had such resounding success in Romania and abroad. What could be seen and heard in the Classical to the Power of Three – Violoncellissimo national tour was a dazzling plea for the unsuspected expressive potential of the cello, via often astounding displays of musical virtuosity and a program that took in not only the history of classical music, but also numerous other genres, a colorful musical bouquet full of joie de vivre.

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