The Three Divas on one of Romania’s historical stages Ruxandra Donose, Teodora Gheorghiu and Ileana Tonca

The Three Divas Gala returned to Romania’s musical stage with a concert held for the first time in the spectacular setting of the Palace of Culture, Arad, Romania’s westernmost concert hall. 

Mezzosoprano Ruxandra Donosa, sopranos Teodora Gheorghiu and Ileana Tonca appeared together for the first time as a trio on the evening of 29 November, alongside the Arad Philharmonic, conducted by Adrian Morar. 

The story of the Three Divas began in 2011, as a homage to the trio of Pavarotti-Domingo-Carreras, the three tenors who had become a global brand and model for tenors the world over. 

The leading lights of the Romanian school of music have always set out into the wide world, but once they reach the height of their musical careers, they have always wished to return to share their art with audiences back home, and not only in Bucharest. The concert extraordinaire at the Arad Palace of Culture, entitled The Three Divas, brought to the stage three Romanian-born leading lights of the lyric art, who have shone and continue to shine in the world’s great concert halls, such as the Viennese Opera, Covent Garden, the Berlin Opera, the Paris Opera, and major venues in Asia, the United States and elsewhere. At the concert, they sang arias, duets, and terzets from the international repertoire. 

A wonderful gala for the general public and, at the same time, a gala of the highest musical artistry, The Three Divas was a memorable evening for all those who packed the concert hall, a unique encounter with three of Romania’s greatest singers.



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