The “Orgile România” National Tournament ended successfully at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Bucharest

The national tour “Orgile Romania” ended on the evening of July 11 at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Bucharest in front of a large audience, who applauded at the end of the concert. The event proposed at its first edition a sonic and visual foray into the world of this instrument, as it can be discovered in Romania, passing through 7 cities and bringing to the foreground a young Romanian organist at the beginning of his career, Vlad Vişenescu.


The national tour “Orgile România” – edition I – was doubled by a series of photographic sessions meant to highlight the general appearance and the details of the instruments found in the churches where the concerts of this tournament took place, selected to reflect their diversity as a time. construction and operating system. The result of these photo sessions is materialized in an online virtual visual monograph, which is presented on the tournament website,

In the churches of Romania there are over 1000 organs. They represent a treasure trove of cultural tradition as rich, as unknowable to the public. In this first edition, seven very different instruments from seven cities of the country were included through a series of recitals with the identical musical program – works Georg Muffat, J.S. Bach, W. A. ​​Mozart, F. Mendelssohn, J. Brahms, Valentin Gheorghiu – aiming to popularize these instruments among a wide audience. The repertoire chosen by Vlad Vișenescu proposed a colorful panorama of the way in which he wrote for the “Queen of Instruments” during the last 400 years.

The young organist Vlad Vişenescu declared at the end of the tour: “It is a unique experience for a young artist. The very crossing of the country and especially of Transylvania from west to east, contact with so many wonderful, but extremely different instruments, was a challenge in itself. An extremely useful experience, an exercise in translating an identical musical program on different instruments, built-in completely different eras, from baroque instruments from the 1700s to more recent instruments of the 19th or 20th century. It was very interesting, it was a very warm, very complex experience. From city to city I met different types of audience, ordinary people with different programs … There are places where the public is accommodated with concerts and organ seasons, as in Cluj, Sighisoara, Mediaş, while in Arad or Alba Iulia, for example, less. From here, my attempt to make no difference between these cities and to start from the same premise, to bring the same music, with the same thoughts, throughout the country. An organ concert is much different from a different instrumental concert, because you know that the world is in the room, but it is. You do not know who they are, how many they are, you have no visual contact with them until the final moment of the applause, when you open your eyes with the audience, you evaluate your performance … and then you can see that the church is absolutely empty or crowded. You have to sing as well, no matter what happens there. Precisely because of the lack of this visual contact, you have to make a greater effort to transmit the message, not having the arsenal of gesture or visual means of another kind of instrumentalist. The organist must do this only through sound and acoustics. It is you, the instrument and the finished product, the music on which always has a feeling. ”

The period of the tour was July 1-11, 2019, and the route reached: Arad – Roman Catholic Church “Saint Anton of Padua”, Cluj-Napoca – Central Reformed Church, Alba Iulia – Roman Catholic Cathedral “Saint Mihail “, Mediaş – Evangelical Church” Saint Margaret “, Sighişoara – Church of the Dominican monastery, Târgu Mureș – Roman Catholic Church” Saint John the Baptist “, Bucharest -” Saint Joseph “Cathedral. The concerts took place with the free entrance.

The National Tour of Romania is a cultural project co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

National Tournament – Romanian Organs

edition I

Vlad Vişenescu – organ

July 1, 7.30 pm – Arad – The Roman Catholic Church “Saint Anton of Padua”

July 2, 7 pm – Cluj-Napoca – Central Reformed Church

July 4, 7 pm – Alba Iulia – Roman Catholic Cathedral “Saint Michael”

July 6, 7 pm – Mediaş – Evangelical Church “Saint Margaret”

July 8, 6 pm – Sighisoara – Church of the Dominican monastery

July 9, 7 pm – Târgu Mureș – The Roman Catholic Church “Saint John the Baptist”

July 11, 7.30 pm – Bucharest – “St. Joseph’s Cathedral”

The entry is free

Cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration

Manufacturer: Pro Contemporania

Co-producers: Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania Musical, Radio Romania Regional

With the support of: JTI, Mindshop, Senia Music, Mercure Hotels, The Culture Hub

Cultural partners: The Roman Catholic Church “Saint Anton of Padua” from Arad, the Arad Municipal Center for Culture, the Central Reformed Church from Cluj-Napoca, the Roman Catholic Cathedral “Saint Michael” from Alba Iulia, the Municipality of Alba Iulia, the Evangelical Church “Sf . Margareta ”from Mediaş, Church of the Dominican monastery from Sighişoara, Church“ Saint John the Baptist ”from Târgu Mureş, Cathedral“ Saint Joseph ”from Bucharest

Media Partners: Radio Romania News, Mediatrust, Romania TV, Liternet, Book Agency, Cultural Observatory, Resistance Movement, Smart FM, MKlasica, Bistrot Matrioska, The Culture Club, Viewfinder Solutions.

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